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Defining Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse refers to non-consensual sexual acts. These include various sexual behaviors or forms of contact, such as rape, assault, or indecent exposure. All types of sexual abuse can cause emotional and physical trauma. Kansas and Missouri law consider sexual crimes to be especially serious. 

The Differences Between Civil and Criminal Sexual Abuse Cases 

There are important differences between civil and criminal sexual abuse cases, specifically concerning their purpose, the parties involved, how they are initiated, the standard of evidence, and the possible outcomes. 

We have detailed what you need to know below:


The general purpose of criminal sexual abuse cases is to hold the perpetrator accountable for their crime(s). On the other hand, civil sexual abuse cases aim to compensate survivors for harm in a similar fashion to personal injury cases. 

Parties Involved

The parties in criminal cases will include the state’s prosecutor and the defendant and their team. Civil cases involve the survivor (the plaintiff) who brings a lawsuit against the alleged abuser (the defendant). They may also include liable third parties whose negligence contributed to the abuse. These parties might include schools, hospitals, or businesses.


The decision to investigate and prosecute criminal sexual abuse lies with state and federal authorities. In civil cases, the survivor and their legal team are the ones to initiate legal action by filing a lawsuit. 

Standard of Evidence 

Criminal cases require proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This means the evidence must strongly convince the jury or judge that a defendant is guilty. Civil cases have a lower standard of evidence. The plaintiff must demonstrate it is more likely than not that the alleged abuse happened. 

Possible Outcomes 

A person who is found guilty of criminal sexual abuse may face jail time, probation, and fines. The survivor in a civil case may receive financial compensation and an injunction to prevent future contact. 

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Damages Available in Civil Sexual Abuse Cases 

A successful civil sexual abuse lawsuit could yield compensation for economic and non-economic damages. These can include medical expenses, therapy costs, lost wages, and property damage, as well as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish. The damages you could recover will vary depending on the circumstances of your case and the jurisdiction. Learn about the damages you may be entitled to by consulting one of our sexual abuse lawyers in Overland Park. 

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