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If you have a probate-related dispute to settle, let our skilled attorneys at Jones, McCoy & Covington work to achieve your desired outcome. Our lawyers deeply understand Kansas and Missouri estate law and know what works and what does not in probate litigation. No matter the issue, we have you covered. 

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Defining Probate Litigation

Probate litigation refers to lawsuits that parties file against a probate administrator, executor, or other relevant party. Parties will seek litigation to settle a probate-related dispute. Our attorneys can assist you in handling issues related to the integrity or competence of an executor, improper asset distribution, and much more. 

Signs to Seek Probate Litigation

How do you know when something has gone wrong in probate and litigation may be necessary? 

Below are a few signs you should consult one of our probate attorneys:

  • You have not received notice of probate when you should have
  • The executor fails to properly inventory assets or perform other accounting duties
  • The executor wrongfully distributes assets or uses them for their own benefit
  • The probate administration does not adhere to something in the decedent’s will
  • You believe the will's terms are unclear
  • You have any concerns about the estate’s administration 

In these situations and others, our team can determine what has gone wrong and outline your legal options for addressing the issue. Probate litigation is often fraught, but you can count on us to work to ensure your loved one’s estate is handled properly. 

Possible Outcomes of Probate Litigation

Probate litigation can yield two general outcomes:

  • A successful lawsuit can remove an executor or administrator or order them to perform a certain action. 
  • Parties can receive monetary damages. 

The best outcome for you will depend on your case’s circumstances. If an executor or administrator has done an inadequate job during probate, a replacement or court order can be an effective solution. Should an estate have lost value because of a breach of duty, recovering damages can make up for these losses. 

Why Choose Jones, McCoy & Covington?

  • Hands-On Attorney Involvement
    Our clients benefit from direct engagement with our attorneys, ensuring an experience that fosters trust, clear communication, and proactive guidance.
  • Proven Trial-Tested Advocacy
    Our team comprises battle-tested litigators who excel in the courtroom, delivering results through their trial experience and strategic advocacy.
  • Client-Centric Legal Approach
    We prioritize our clients' needs above all else, offering tailored legal solutions and personalized attention to ensure their satisfaction and success.
  • Over Three Decades of Combined Experience
    With decades of collective legal experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the law to every case we handle.

Consult an Overland Park Probate Litigation Attorney 

This page has offered a general overview of things to know about probate litigation. To discuss the specifics of your situation with a knowledgeable attorney, give us a call. Our team is prepared to help you overcome any legal challenge you might face during probate. 

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